Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is our great pleasure to present to you a special report “Place Marketing & Branding 2015+“. This report, published under the auspices of the Best Place Institute, is a result of efforts on the part of several international experts from the field of place marketing and branding. This publication offers an analysis of several case studies and interviews with experts. The “Place Marketing Manifesto” is the key part of the report. Work on the Manifesto commenced at the “Poznan Best Place Summit 2014” workshop. It is an attempt at providing answers to the most important questions related to the European place marketing industry: what is place marketing, what is its role in managing place development, what are the basic methodological assumptions, what are the barriers and challenges to place marketing in Europe? We hope that this publication will be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration and will contribute to an efficient use of marketing for the sustainable development of cities, regions and countries.

Read and enjoy!

The Best Place Institute Team