Exchanging knowledge and ideas, inspiration, meeting new people and sustaining relationships.
These are the goals behind events organized and supported by us with local governments in mind.

In many cases, organizing a conference or a seminar on the opportunities offered by a place brand triggered off professional branding strategies or place promotion programmes. There have also been numerous instances when regional conferences for the representatives of local governments in charge of promotion were the first step towards integration, involvement and successful completion of projects shared by numerous entities.

There is no better inspiration for local governments than an opportunity to see how other places in the country and abroad tackle some of the place marketing issues. Knowledge events are ideal for this purpose.

Areas of specialization

  • Content-related preparation and organization of panels and events dedicated to place marketing (conferences, congresses, festivals, fairs)
  • Content-related support in developing programmes and selecting the speakers at events dedicated to local governments’ development
  • Assisting in reaching international experts on place development and place branding and organizing visits
  • Preparing relevant publications following knowledge events related to place marketing as well as production of videos summing up these events



Our experience

  • Content-related cooperation and partnership at the Second Tourism Marketing Congress in Lvov (Ukraine) “Win With The Lion” (15-17 November 2010)
  • Co-organizer of the Ad Days 2010 in Lodz (26-27 November 2010)
  • Content-related cooperation and partnership at the “Image of republic of Belarus: positioning and promotion of cities and regions” conference held in Minsk, Belarus
  • Content-related cooperation at the EFFIE Awards 2011 (evaluating projects in the following categories: Pro Bono, CSR and Place and Event Promotion)
  • The author and partner of the First Warmia and Masuria Promotion Festival (31.03-1.04.2011)
  • The author and partner of the First Masovia Promotion Congress (13 June 2011)
  • Content-related cooperation and partnership during the first edition of the ACTIVE CITY National Contest of Town and Community Councils (2011)
  • Partner of the Second Warmia and Masuria Promotion Festival (29 – 30 March 2012, Elbląg)
  • Content-related cooperation and partnership in the Festival of Cities and Regions Promotion in Warsaw
  • Content-related cooperation and partnership at the Polish Advertising Contest (KTR)
  • Content-related cooperation at the Forum for Lodz Province Promotion
  • Developing post-conference materials in the form of video clips of operations and events organized by Fundacja Teraz Polska