Best Place – European Place Marketing Institute provides services for the city,
region and country sustainable development using the marketing philosophy, methods and tools.

Brand identity

Contemporary cities, regions and other places need to and want to
attract attention, provide unforgettable experiences,
keep their promises and fulfil the stakeholders’ expectations

Marketing planning

Efficient (providing specific results) as well as effective
(i.e. following the rules of rational expenditures)
place marketing necessitates good marketing planning

Marketing management

A good brand strategy and a marketing activity programme
do not suffice to be successful in place marketing

Smart Cities

The city of the future is a combination of intelligent uses of modern technologies
and innovative systems
facilitating the management of specific functions of agglomerations
and the potential of institutions and companies as well as the citizens’ creativity and enthusiasm


Exchanging knowledge and ideas, inspiration, meeting new people and sustaining relationships.
These are the goals behind events organized and supported
by us with local governments in mind

Place Custom Publishing

Own medium in the form of a dedicated commune/city/region magazine
is one of the most effective tools for building up credibility and trust
among the key groups of stakeholders