Place Custom Publishing

Own medium in the form of a dedicated commune/city/region magazine
is one of the most effective tools for building up credibility
trust among the key groups of stakeholders.

The latest trends in place marketing indicate that one of the biggest challenges faced by administrative units is effective building up credibility and trust among the key stakeholders. Among the numerous tools which allow to achieve this goal, own medium in the form of a dedicated commune/city/region magazine proves very effective.

Depending on the target audience and the promotion goals, this may be a lifestyle, a business, a tourist magazine etc. In this case, the key success factor is a catchy name, a modern form and artwork and, first and foremost, an attractive content which is in compliance with the brand positioning and highlights the place brand’s values and personality. Such a magazine may promote in a non-aggressive way specific places, products, industries, ways of spending free time, events, famous people and ordinary yet talented individuals, cuisines etc. The content is light and readable the way we want it when drinking the morning coffee or travelling by plane.

This innovative form includes certain messages, at the same time building up trust and prestige accompanying a place brand.

Areas of specialization

  • Developing the content-related and editorial concept of a dedicated promotion magazine for administrative units
  • Obtaining and preparing editorial materials, proof-reading, desktop publishing and printing
  • Preparation of expert texts on place marketing
  • Support in commercializing the magazine
  • Support in developing the magazine including publication in the form of a mobile application



Our experience

  • Since 2012, developing the concept and a quarterly for Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego: TERAZ POLSKA with the goal of promoting Poland and propagating the idea of positive, modern and creative patriotism
    Teraz Polska 01/12 Teraz Polska 02/12 Teraz Polska 03/12 Teraz Polska 03/13
  • Developing and publishing a “Catalogue of Promotion Services for Cities and Regions” to present marketing services and tools available in Poland to local governments
  • Preparing and publishing a book by Magdalena Florek and Anna Augustyn “Strategia promocji jednostek samorządu terytorialnego – zasady i procedury” (The strategy for promoting administrative units – the rules and procedures)