Artykuł autorstwa Marcus Andersson

This report has been produced as a part of the BaltMet Promo project. It was presented at the project’s kickoff 31 May 2010, organised in connection with the Baltic Development Forum Summit, 1-2 June 2010 in Vilnius. Please note that this is a draft version.

The purpose of this report is to map existing organisations, networks, projects and activities that are geared towards marketing the Baltic Sea Region as a whole, or considerable parts of it. The report also aims to present information about the overall situation and political framework in which the BaltMet Promo project is operating.
The objectives are to facilitate an alignment of the BaltMet Promo project and its objectives with those of other promotion and place-branding efforts, and identify key stakeholders in the project, but also to avoid duplication of work already being done by others.

The overall objective is thus to be able to make full use of synergy and complementarity with other initiatives and organisations. At the same time, the report wants to facilitate a wider discussion on the international marketing and attractiveness of the Baltic Sea Region, and how various initiatives and actors can pool resources and coordinate their work better.

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