Dokument autorstwa Kvetoslava Matlovičová, Ph.D, René Matlovič, PhD, Barbora Némethyová

The increasing competition of the cities caused implementation of the marketing principles in the local development strategies. The very important segment of the territorial marketing is the place branding. This term could refer to a country, region, tourist destination or a city. The city branding is based on strategic approach to public relation, stating that a change of image is an ongoing, holistic, interactive and wide-scale process (Avraham, Ketter 2008, Hospers 2004).
The paper will focus on the implementation of the place branding principles in the local development (Case Study of City of Košice). Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia (234 000 inhabitants), is the centre of the eastern Slovakia. The city of Košice has the ambition to be an example of successful transformation of post-socialist industrial city, to the city open for citizens and visitors, providing the best conditions for creativity in all areas (Interface 2013). Košice has been successful in the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture 2013.

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