Adam Mikołajczyk, Chairman of the Board

Adam Mikołajczyk

International place marketing expert, passionate about branding and cities. More than 10 years associated with territorial marketing and tourism consulting.

Founder and President of Best Place – European Place Marketing Institute – a new consulting organization (think-and-do tank) that aims to professionalization and popularization of place marketing and branding in Central and Eastern Europe.

Graduate of Lodz University (Poland), with the major of “special economy – managing the city and the region”. A student of the The Chartered Institute of Marketing (London/Warsaw) and the Stonebridge Associated College.

Between 2001 – 2003 consultant for the Polish Agency of Tourism Development and a cofounder of the first tourism marketing strategies for cities and regions in Poland (including Pomerania and West Pomerania Region, Suwalki tourist district, city of Malbork, Polczyn Zdroj and Suprasl etc.).

Lecturer for the postgraduate courses “Place marketing – promotion of cities’ and regions’ development” at the University of Warsaw.

A jury member of many competitions, for example for the ‘Polish Advertising Competition KTR’, ‘EFFIE Awards’, ‘Best Tourist Product’ (Polish Tourist Organization competition) and on the ‘Best Promotional Publications’ (“Zlote Formaty” competition).

Engaged by the British Council to the international group of experts ‘City Idea Bakers’. Two-time winner of Mieczyslaw Orłowicza award for the best press and television materials to promote the Polish tourism.