Andrea Insch

Andrea Insch

Imię: Andrea
Nazwisko: Insch
Kraj: Nowa Zelandia

Obszar zainteresowań:
Place branding – cities and nations, managing resident expectations and satisfaction, destination brand image.

Marketing Department, University of Otago


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  • Insch, A. (forthcoming, 2010). Managing residents’ expectations and satisfaction with city life: Application of importance-satisfaction analysis. Journal of Town and City Management, 1(2).
  • Florek, M, & Insch, A. (forthcoming, 2010). When fit matters – Leveraging destination and event image congruence. Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, Vol. 19.
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  • Insch, A. & Florek, M. (2008). A great place to live, work and play: Conceptualising place satisfaction in the case of a city’s residents. Journal of Place Management and Development, 1(2), 138-149.

Członkostwo w organizacjach:

  • University of Otago, The Institute of Place Management