Per Ekman

Per Ekman

Imię: Per
Nazwisko: Ekman
Kraj: Szwecja

Obszar zainteresowań:
Place Branding, Place Marketing, Reputation Management

Tendensor is the leading place-branding consultancy in Sweden. Our focus is on how cities, regions and countries actively can differentiate and improve their image.
Over the last few years, Tendensor has successfully managed a range of place-branding projects for towns, cities and regions. More than 800 decisionmakers have participated in our place-branding seminars and workshops.
Tendensor is founded and managed by Per Ekman, who has extensive experience leading place-branding projects and advising local governments on their strategies and policies.


  • Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby, Sweden – Place Branding (2006)
  • Alfred Nobel’s Karlskoga, Sweden – Place Branding (2007)
  • Blekinge, Sweden – Place Branding (2009)

Projekty badawcze:

  • Business Incentives in Place Branding (2009)
  • Ambassador Networks and Place Branding (2008)


  • Ambassador Networks and Place Branding Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2009

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